The Positivity Train

Riding down the road last week, my SO and kids were singing along with the radio.  Then “C’mon Ride It (The Train)” by Quad City DJ’s came on.  I started laughing and then turned around.  The kids were bug eyed and wondering why the adults in the car were head bobbing and getting our groove on.  Apparently, that song is old and weird.  Flabbergasted.  Yup, that’s the correct description when they laughed at us.  I remember school dances with that song.  I remember waiting for hours to record it when the radio played it during “Soul Jam” hour. 

by Google

I have reflected on that moment in the car quite a few times over the weekend.  What was it about that song?  Its happy.  Its fun.  Its community.  When I hear that song, I smile and become instantly transported to a time when positivity won, and intentions weren’t diluted into a talk show or twitter feed.  I’ve been on a positivity train for the past ten months.  With that train came a full dose of understanding worth.

To bring you on board the Positivity Train, I’d love to share some meme’s that I have placed around my office, some quotes from one of my favorite authors, and a writing from quite possibility the most profound book of self-worth I have ever picked up.

Do something that makes you smile today.

Call a friend and talk about nothing.

Stop and grab that favorite drink or snack that you are trying to quit enjoying.

Help a stranger.

C’mon, ride this train!

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