The “See-Through” Me

A dear and amazing young woman I adore posted about her struggle with depression. She has been actively sharing her struggle. She doesn’t want another message event to be overtaken by someone’s recent suicide are fall into addictions. Instead, she wants to share. To break down the box mental health has been hidden in for 40 decades.

Can we all do that? Give the power to ourselves and NOT the fears, anxiety, loss, grief, shame, loneliness, isolation and sadness.

I call it authentic living. Sure, I’ve got a lot of great things going, but some moments, days, weeks, and months are just hard.

We don’t and won’t always know the cause, reason, or coping skill to come back to happy, content, and joy … but we fight like hell to get there.

We WANT to be there.
What makes others keep moving, slows me down.
What reminds me to take one more step, may be the vice or memory that sinks you to barren lands.

Be patient.
We are human.
We are every third person you encounter.
We are just like you.

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